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Carlsbad by the Sea Story Telling and Writing Project

Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Community (CBTS) is a beach front CCRC in Carlsbad, CA.  The Community has had a resident writing program for many years.  It can provide inspiration for other communities.

History of the CBTS Spectrum Writing Project

The Spectrum project was initiated by residents many years ago to foster writing as supportive activity.  Some residents who enjoyed writing came together as a group to share their stories.  They then reached out to other residents to encourage them to write their stories or anecdotes.

The more taciturn residents were encouraged to start small.  Others were able to write longer pieces.  Ultimately, the collected stories were published in a book which was distributed to all residents.

Many years later the stories from the book were transferred to the internet.  They can now be found at by clicking on Spectrum.  The internet allowed video to be added to the writing.  At the same time there was a renewed writing effort. 

The Spectrum project is now an ongoing and ever renewing community effort.  Many of the original authors have since left us though the tales they told keep our memory of them alive in our hearts.  New residents are encouraged to contribute to this continuing tale of the remarkable residents of CBTS.

Other communities may find inspiration in this CBTS resource to develop something similar for themselves.