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Introduction to the Standards and Model Legislation Project

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer a positive and welcome service to those people who want to provide for their own old age without burdening others.  CCRCs should be encouraged as a matter of public policy.

CCRCs should be a safe haven for aging Americans, yet a Government Accountability Office study in June 2010 was titled, "Continuing Care Retirement Communities Can Provide Benefits, but Not Without Some Risk."  The word that jumps out is RISK and that led to a Senate hearing in July 2010 (click here for background) which concluded that further regulation was desirable but that it was most appropriately implemented at the state level.  This project responds to that call for improved state regulation.

There is now a lack of clarity of just what is comprised within Continuing Care and many contracts are difficult for ordinary people to understand.  There is often disillusionment and confusion among people who have trusted providers with large Entrance Fee investments.  There is a need for greater contract clarity.

Finances, too, are complex for an undertaking as comprehensive as is a capably managed CCRC.  The lack of clear and demonstrably sound financial standards has led to inequities, distress, and occasional financial failures.  There is a need for standards to promote greater financial rigor among those CCRCs that don't now meet the highest standards.

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Regulation, too, has tended to be reactive, or more well-intentioned than well considered.  Thus, there is a need to allow a more principled approach to the oversight of those who minister to the needs of the elderly

The portfolio of standards and model laws that is now exposed for public scrutiny is a first step toward addressing these concerns.

A note of caution is needed.  Many of these standards and model laws are highly technical which is why insurance laws are crafted within the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for enactment by the state legislatures.

Eventually, this project, too, may be handled by the NAIC but for now the NAIC is occupied with implementing the health insurance exchanges required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010; many states do not regulate CCRCs in the Insurance Department; and the CCRC industry is considered too small to attract much regulatory attention.

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