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CCRC Minimum Standards and Model Laws

The legislative and regulatory context for Continuing Care Retirement Communities has been varied and somewhat quixotic among the several states and the industry can benefit from a more systematic approach to contracts and financial management.

Residents almost universally extol the benefits that they glean from congregate living.  The CCRC living model is one to be fostered and encouraged. The portfolio of standards presented here seeks to reward the most responsible providers while giving residents the protections they deserve.

 Many of these standards and model laws are highly technical which is why insurance laws are crafted within the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for enactment by the state legislatures and, eventually, this initiative, too, may be shifted to the NAIC.  But the need for a comprehensive and systematic approach to CCRC contract and financial standards is now and need not be deferred.

We are here exposing for review a comprehensive (and correspondingly complex) approach to developing standards and model laws to govern CCRCs to build greater public trust for the concept.  We have opened a discussion forum to facilitate discussion.  Just click on this paragraph to go to the discussion forum.

By exposing these Model Laws for public scrutiny NaCCRA seeks to open a dialogue that can:

  • systematize the contractual and regulatory framework for CCRCs;
  • reward those providers that are exemplary in their service to senior housing and services;
  • give residents the protections that many assumed they had when they moved in;
  • assure prospective residents that the CCRC living model is one that they can trust; and
  • can help providers who conform to these standards give prospective residents assurance that they can proceed to invest in a Continuing Care Contract without inordinate qualms.

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You can access the model laws and standards by clicking here to go to a catalog of the proposals or by clicking on the individual paragraphs to the right to go to those standards and laws that are related to a particular standards element.

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Standards to enhance CCRC credibility.
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