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Topics for Regulators

The health and safety aspects of CCRCs are well regulated by state authorities committed to the oversight of healthcare institutions generally.  There is wide variation in regulatory oversight for the financial and contract aspects of CCRCs.

This section is intended as a repository to begin to assemble material that may be of value to legislators and regulators as they seek to address the needs of the CCRC industry and those the industry serves.

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Contract and Financial Standards and Model Laws
U. S. Senate Inquiry into CCRCs July 2010 California CCRC Statutes
New York CCRC Statues Florida CCRC Statutes
  Florida 651 Continuing Care Contracts
Connecticut Comparison of State CCRC Regulation North Carolina CCRC Statute
Connecticut Statutes New Jersey Statutes
Discussion of Pennsylvania CCRC Regulation LeadingAge View of CCRCs
Pennsylvania Statute 1984 Pennsylvania Statute 2010
Texas Administrative Code: Insurance: Continuing Care Retirement Facilities Texas Health & Safety Code - Chapter 246 Continuing Care Facilities
Maryland Statutes at 10-401 through 10-499 Oregon Statutes
Michigan Living Care Disclosure Act Washington State Statute Signed April 1, 2016
Problems with GAAP Accounting for CCRCS

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NaCCRA Web Site


NaCCRA Web Site

In addition to the topics on the right there are a number of financial topics and other matters that are of potential interest to legislators and regulators.  These include

Consumer Guides to CCRCs
Are Entrance Fees a Safe Investment?
Provider Finance
Introduction to CCRC Resident Finance
Provider and Resident Financial Perspectives
Resident Financial Issues in CCRC Living
Technical Elaboration on Resident Finance
The Role of Actuaries in CCRC Financial Soundness
CCRC Living as Choice and Investment
Retirement Communities: Straight Talk from People Who Live There
Katherine C. Pearson and Resident Bill of Rights