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Shakespeare for All

The language of Shakespeare is out of date but the context can still be grasped if one just allows the words to flow.  It's like music.  Once one gets caught up in the drama, the lost words fade into obscurity, and the sheer genius of Shakespeare as playwright shines forth.

Corinne Holt Sawyer, Ph.D. is a Shakespeare scholar and a resident in a CCRC.  In this series of lectures she opens Shakespeare up to lovers of literature wherever located and however old (or young)

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There are three lectures in this series.  The fourth program involved the showing of Henry V with Sir Lawrence Olivier.  The film was made in 1944 in the midst of England's struggle for survival against the Nazi menace.  That struggle brought a poignancy to the depiction of Henry V's struggle with the French.  Since the film is under copyright we give a link to where it can be obtained from Amazon.

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