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 Sears Methodist Retirement Systems, Inc. Voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

Below is a listing of documents in the referenced litigation with clickable links to replicas of some of the documents themselves. Access to some news reports follows the list of financial documents in the right hand column.

Caution. These materials have been provided to NaCCRA by a resident who obtained the documents from the Federal Court's electronic system.  NaCCRA takes no responsibility for the completeness of these materials.  We welcome corrections and anything else which can help to maintain the integrity of this resource.  To access the source of the documents, click on this paragraph. 

The official case information is as follows:

Court: Texas Northern Bankruptcy

Court Case number 3:14-bk-32821



Sears Methodist Retirement System, Inc.
2100 Ross Avenue, 21st Floor
Dallas, TX 75201
Tax ID / EIN: xx-xxx6330

Represented By

Vincent P. Slusher
1717 Main Street
Suite 4600
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 743-4572
Fax : (972) 813-6267

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee
1100 Commerce Street
Room 976
Dallas, TX 75242

Links to Documents

(12 pgs) Chapter 11 voluntary petition. Fee Amount $1717 Filed by Sears Methodist Retirement System, Inc. (Slusher, Vincent)
Statement of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors
Declaration of Paul B. Rundell in Support of First Day Pleadings
Motion For Joint Administration of Cases
Designation as a Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case
Motion to appear pro hac vice for Thomas R. Califano
Motion to appear pro hac vice for Gabriella L. Zborovsky
Motion to appear pro hac vice for Jacob S. Frumkin
Motion Prepetition (I) Wages, Salaries, and Other Compensation of Employees (II) Employee Medical and Similar Benefits, (III) Reimbursable Employee Expenses and (IV) Other Miscellaneous Employee Expenses and Benefits.
Motion (I) Continued Use of Existing Cash Management System, (II) Maintenance of Existing Bank Accounts, (III) Continued Use of Existing Business Forms, and (IV) Maintenance of Existing Investment Practices
Motion to Authorize Debtors to File Consolidated Mailing Matrix and Consolidated List of 30 Largest Unsecured Creditors.
Motion to Extend Time to File Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs
Motion to Authorize the Debtors to Escrow Certain Entrance Deposits and Refund Certain Entrance Deposits
Motion to Authorize Retention of Professionals Utilized by Debtors in Ordinary Course of Business
Application to employ GCG, Inc. as Claims Agent
Motion to Maintain Existing Insurance Policies
Application to employ DLA Piper LLP as Attorney for the Debtors
Motion to use cash collateral of Sears Caprock Retirement Corporation
Motion to use cash collateral of Sears Tyler Methodist Retirement Corporation
Motion to use cash collateral of Odessa Methodist Housing, Inc and Canyons Senior Living
Motion to use cash collateral of Sears Plains Retirement Corporation
Motion for DIP financing
Request for expedited consideration of first day matter