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Ask the Doctor: Pain and Pain Management

This program addresses pain and pain management.  We all experience pain from time to time.  The short version is just the question and answer session that followed the lecture.  The long version includes the entire presentation

In this program the manifestation of pain is discussed as well as alternatives for its relief.

It can help greatly if the patient is prepared to tell the doctor what the doctor needs to hear in order to be able to suggest the treatment that is most likely to be effective.

Nevertheless, every individual is different so there may have to be a series of visits with the doctor before your pain is relieved if relief is possible.

In our Ask the Doctor series we try to provide answers to some of the questions that CCRC residents often wish they could ask their doctors.

Our learning core is the video classroom.   Most topics are presented by video supplemented by reading materials

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Pain and Pain Management: short version

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