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What's New in the Delivery of Health Care

In this short half hour video Dr. Robert Savage from the Hospice of the North Coast describes changes in Medical Care Delivery; the role of a Hospitalist; why patients are transferred from one hospital to another; and the choices that patients have.

You can access Dr. Savage's Talking Points by clicking on this paragraph.

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In his talk Dr. Savage refers to resources, some of which are listed below.

NIH "Become a Partner in Your Health Care"

Click here for Information about the POLST form (Physician's Order for Life Sustaining Treatment).  The advantage of the form is that it persists from one facility to another, i.e. it's valid in the hospital and in a skilled nursing facility.  You can download the form itself or learn more from the Coalition for Compassionate Care, which you can reach by clicking on this paragraph.

Another source for useful information is the Caring Advocates nonprofit organization which you can reach by clicking on this paragraph.