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The Challenge of Dementia

Dementia is one of the most perplexing of challenges presented by old age.  It's onset can be deceptively gradual and people who once showed consummate good judgment can bring embarrassment to themselves and to those they love by what may seem to be no more than bad decisions or intransigence.

Picture an aging figure facing a move to a new home.  The future beckons brightly but this once proud matriarch or patriarch, head of a loving family, now sits forlornly fingering a minor object unable to decide whether to bring it to the new home or to leave it behind in the old. Dementia at any stage is insidious and demeaning.

Below are some materials to help those affected to come to grips with what lies ahead.

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Dementia Care Case Perspective: Last Passage
Memory in the Aging Mind Discussion and Support
Group on LinkedIn
Research on Aging  

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