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China Today

We developed this program for our CCRC and you may want to use it for yours as well.  Our group met for an hour each week.

We had two parts to our program.  The course presented here includes the second half hour sections of the hour long course.  This part introduces China today; the first half hour covers Chinese history.  It is intended to provide an insight into what is happening now in China and how that impacts us in the United States.

Our course is a compilation materials under our understanding of the appropriate licensing and copyright authorities. We wish to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed materials selflessly for edification of all who have the curiosity to continue to learn.

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The first half hour, as we present the course, is for Chinese history and for that we used the Teaching Company lectures titled "From Yao to Mao: 5000 Years of Chinese History" given by Professor Kenneth J. Hammond who teaches at New Mexico State University and who has a Ph.D. from Harvard University. That material is copyrighted and can be obtained by clicking here. Teaching Company courses regularly go on sale at great savings so it is recommended that you avoid paying the list price by waiting for a sale.

Our learning core is the video classroom.   Most topics are presented by video supplemented by reading materials

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China Today Lessons

Introduction to China Today

China's Economic Miracle

Jack Ma, Chinese Businessperson

Social Impact of Economic Growth


Governance: Local and National

Currency and Economic Policy

China's Military: Threat or Bravado?

Chinese Politics and its Implications for the U. S.

Minds Who Shape Our View of China

Diplomatic Options for China and the United States