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Residents and CCRC Financial Matters

Now that you're a resident you want to understand more about how your investment in a CCRC is managed including how your entrance fees may be used by the provider.  If that is your interest, you've come to the right place.

Here are some topics to get you started.  You'll find more material in some of the other sections on this website.  NaCCRA is an active organization so we are regularly adding to this section.

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CCRC Trends for the Future Resident Ask and Share
Provider Finances Introduction to Resident Finance
Nonprofit CCRC Tax Exemption The IRS Concept of Charity
The Board and Executive Compensation CCRC CEO Compensation
Lillian Hyatt: Activist Resident Advocate and Social Worker Should Residents Sit on the Board?
Provider and Resident Financial Perspectives The Role of Actuaries in CCRC Financial Soundness

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