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Resident Ask and Share

Ask and Share originated is a column in NaCCRA's LifeLine publication.  It is an opportunity for residents to explore issues at their CCRC with residents across the country. 

That helps to inform the full fabric of resident life in CCRCs everywhere.  It's sometimes surprising how little uniformity of practice and policy there is from one CCRC to another. 

Through the medium of Ask and Share, you can come to understand where your CCRC stands along the continuum.

We invite you to contribute and we invite you to suggest matters about which you would like to know more.  With time, Ask and Share may become more immediate and more online. 

For now, but we are reluctant to get ahead of where today's CCRC residents are technologically.  For now, it is our intent to support all residents everywhere with whatever questions or concerns or interest they may have.

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