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NaCCRA is primarily an educational and collaboration organization to bring older Americans, particularly CCRC residents, together with policy makers and with those who provide services to older Americans, so that all can better understand the challenges of aging and how best to provide for and cope with them.

Necessarily, though, research in best practices and understanding of what works and what doesn't leads to policy and practice concepts that can improve our nation and the lives of our older citizens if they become widespread.  The best laws codify the best practices of a society.

Thus, it follows naturally from our research and educational focus that avenues for effective advocacy emerge.  Sometimes that understanding of how we might improve the lives of the elderly bumps up against vested interests and conventional thinking.

Change for the better inherently leads to career disruption for some and ultimately to enterprise disruption.  It's in this context of public service that NaCCRA, as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, pursues an advocacy agenda aimed at improving legislative protections and public policy for the elderly.